Odoo CMS - a big picture

LibrePLM is a Product Lifecycle Management software with a modern user interface providing tools to manage both CAD and not CAD documents with a rich set of features.

Complete project control

Any time you can now who is working on any product and document,  its status, which department has been shared to and in which revision

Vault management

 Check-In and Check-out mechanism allows all user to access to all documents while preserving security allowing editing only for one user a time.


Define and control status for each designing phase since the very beginning to new product and document revisions to implement new changes


Engineering Bill Of Material is automatically saved any time an assembly is uploaded from Client to Server. Normal Bill of Material is easily created for manufacturing purpose.

Odoo integration

LibrePLM is fully integrated as an Odoo module, giving the possibility to access to the complete Erp Odoo Suite.

C lient - Server Architecture

Client reduces to minimum data input and smooths CAD interaction and data collection, while Server manages the whole process  

Smart upload

No matter if you connect from inside or outside the company. Smart upload optimize operation and return CAD control in the same time increasing designer productivity

CAD integration

LibrePLM is already integrated with the most used CAD systems like Autocad, Inventor, Solidworks, SolidEdge, ThinkDesign

Cloud option

Server can be on company premise or in cloud depending on customer preferences.

Company integration

LibrePLM architecture allows to integrate with current customer business tools