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LibrERP E.R.P at  Librerp

 LibrERP offers, among the others, modules for  CRM, Warehouse,Accounting and Financing, Project Management, Production an so on. The modular approach allows customers to start with only one or few modules and include other modules when the needs arises, increasing speed and quality of the implementation project.

Released under the AGPL v3 free license that allows to download, evaluate, use and edit the software source code, it uses web and new technologies as PostgreSQL and Python to provide customers with stability and flexibility.User interface, search results and reports can be easily customized matching customer requirements.

LibERP can be available in cloud, avoiding customer concerns about hardware and software upgrade, or on a server inside company intranet, and in both cases users need only a browser to access and use the application.

LibrERP is suitable to companies of any size: the number of modules, the possibility to customize existing modules and developing new ones, the wideness of online and onsite services we offer, can cover the requests of the bigger companies, too; the absence of a maintenance fee make the economic effort really interesting for smaller companies too.